My appreciation of color and texture combined with a fascination with pattern and materials- hard surfaces of wood, tile and stone and the soft surfaces of textiles- has been a focus in my professional and creative life.  My career was in construction management, space planning, and interior design.

In my creative life, fabrics, sewing, embroidery, yarns, weaving, tapestries, and beads each became a passion.  Over the past few years, experimentation with different quilting techniques and surface design methods strongly influenced my artistic development.

Ultimately, creating my own fabric became the foundation of my artwork.  Learning about dye painting, was the turning point, with my use of color and texture resulting in the creation of a personal vocabulary of design. 

My intention is to let the fabric speak for itself.  Each piece needs to evolve, to become its own thing, without being forced into a preconceived idea. The fabrics encompass a range of print making techniques that explore and emphasize line, shape, texture and color.  My creative inspirations include Native American and ethnic tribal patterns, abstract organic shapes, geometric shapes, visual texture and construction elements.